Alchemical Tours: Alchemical Tours is both a podcast and a tour company dedicated to re-awakening interest in Alchemy; through education and through providing access to resources, interviews, events and tours to significant locations; inspiring people to follow a path of transformation; and providing a community of interest.

Dr Stephen J. Hinde: With an early career in computer systems research and development with top silicon valley companies, as architect and inventor , he holds a number of patents. In parallel, he has invested in a diverse set of academic studies. Now holding degree level qualifications in physics, maths, astronomy and psychology. Also with master degrees in psychology, Sanskrit, and Buddhist studies. Plus a PhD in psychology, with a dissertation on how our attention is governed by film media. In his spare time he practices meditation, helping to run a Buddhist group, helps teach a martial arts class (Brazilian Jiujitsu), he also likes to travel, and has a love of the outdoors, skiing, hiking and climbing.