Alchemical tours is planning a set of themed, experiential tours in European cities associated with alchemy. These tours are for small groups of people who are passionate and interested in alchemy from both a historic and experiential view point. They are available for people with an open mind, a thirst for experience, and the ability to walk 2-3 hours. These are framed as alchemical pilgrimages, intimate group experiences, rather than the typical tour guide or history lessons. Places are necessarily limited and we will run a light selection process (to be announced) to try to bring together the right like minded groups of peopl for each tour, who will enjoy and benefit from the mutual companionship of their experiential alchemical journey.

Initially these tours will include London, Prague, Paris and Cologne. But we may expand this list as our research reveals new special places of interest linked to alchemy. I will bring the fruits of my research, facilitation skills and experience to these tours, invite guest,other experts and invite other participants to actively contribute. Often during the tours we will give exclusive access to places, and materials relating to alchemy that will enhance the power of the journey.

Alchemical Tours exists in a number of forms, including as a podcast, and as situated tours. The situated tours will link with the podcast, in an intepenetrative way, and complement and enhance one another. So those people who can not make the physical tours will be able to link in via the podcast. Also those people taking one of the tours will benefit from expanding their knowledge and experience via the podcast.

It is envisaged that these tours will run between in 2020 to 2025 during the summers of these years. However we do propose running a small number of pilot tours during 2019 and if you might be interested in being involved in the initial pilots do email me. To join the mailing list to hear of the schedule and emerging details It would be helpful if you could include in a few short sentences telling me something about yourself, why you would like to go on one of these tours, and what contribution and questions you will bring.